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Textile design, carpet design. 

Unique creations from Jules Flipo's luxury rug samples, vintage but never used. 


Personal Carpet's creations are made of vintage rug samples, assembled to form a unique piece of art. Each carpet is yours, as pure wool samples are different each time. 

Personal Carpet is giving a second life to those remarkable pieces of archives. Juxtaposed, patterns and colors from all along 20th Century represent a unique creation. 

On order carpets are available. 

Marie has been fascinated by exuberant and liveful patterns of carpets in hotels, theatres and coffee places for a long time. 


Making a decision of one pattern wouldn't give enough to enjoy and to see... Aiming to create her own universe, she was willing to use all kinds of patterns and colors. She wanted, with fearing to overload her creations, to mix times and styles to trigger unexpected effects. 


The search for high quality carpets with a large diversity of patterns lead her to find out about Jules Flipo, a great manufacture of carpet since 1867. Her rugs are born from this fascination, this creative inspiration and the know how of Jules Flipo, proposing an amazing repertoire of shapes, colors and patterns anchored in stylistic periods. 


Her textile creations are realized by mixing pure wool and silk samples coming from Jules Flipo archives. Since 1867, for each special client, a sample was retained by the Manufacture. 


Each sample is unique and its manufacturing date can be estimated. Thus each creation mix pieces from several times. On the other end Personal Carpet creations at "Musée des Années Trente" in Boulogne Billancourt are only made from Thirties samples. 


In past years, the amazing Jules Flipo archives could have been forgotten or even destroyed. Marie's creations come from her personal commitment to bring additional value by placing side by side different patterns and colors resulting in a unique harmony.  Her creativity is challenged by the constraint of a limited stock of raw material. 


Eric Penard, plastic artist

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