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Authentic archive samples cutted and joined by thermowelding. The glue is melted at 400°C, goes inside the rugs' fibers and stiffens afterwards, bringing a long termsolidity to the welding. 



To protect the carpet and ease transport, the underside is covered with a cotton fabric and its edge is hand-stitched. 

Cultural Heritage : Jules Flipo carpets


Since 1867, Jules Flipo factory is at the forefront of innovation to create patterned carpets. Since then, it provides dream wall-to-wall carpets to boats, palaces, theaters ...

Jules Flipo is a handcraft company using a typically French technique. An unrivaled design precision is possible thanks to the tightening of weaving and the fineness of the wool . What's more, by dying the wool on its site, Jules Flipo obtains a very specific color intensity.

This "Made in France" process is part of the factory identity. With an exceptional choice of designs - about 12,000 available, Jules Flipo carpets are incomparable in various capacities and of a spectacular visual effect.


Reedition of old patterns is available on demand (changes of patterns and colors as well upon request).


Jules Flipo Company/ Etablissements Jules Flipo

Factory 333, Chaussee Fernand Forest 59200 Tourcoing

Tel : +33320690222. Fax : +330320690262.

E-mail :

A know-how :technical and finishing aspects


Carpets are made out of pure wool, with a Wilton traditional weaving and plain or jacquard designs.The assembly is handcrafted by heat. Completion is done entirely by hand by bonding a burlap cloth.The deck consists of a hand-stitched gallon.

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